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GOOSE BAY WORKSHOPS: Museum Reproduction Tin, Brass, Copper Cookware, Hearth Cooking, 18th Century Lighting, Folk Art, Reenacting, Renaissance.
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Pen Knife

Weskit Inkwell

Traveling Inkwell
Pencil Leads
Ca. 1600 Portable Inkwell
Surveyor's Inkwell
Portable Sander
Document Case
Faux ivory Notebook
 Notebook with Hanging Loop
Miniature  Notebook
Brass Desk Set
Horn Book
Pencil Nail
Brass Capstain Inkwell
13th -14th C. Paperclip
1709 Paperclip
Chatelaine Pencil
Cone Bottle
Tube Bottle
Small Notebook
Soapstone Pencils
Wax melter
wax pencil holder
wadd pencil
reed pencil

Reed pencils, not for everyone, these are copied from medieval through 18 th century originals. They are segments of reed, or cane  cut to fit either 3/16 or 1/8 leads. The shafts are wrapped with linen thread as a tensioning device. The system works but not as nicely as the later Porte crayons do. Also if you break off the lead flush with the end of the reed, there is no way to get the remainder of the lead out. I have cheated a bit here and will provide each pencil with a wire to push out the Remaining lead. The larger lead seems to work best so far.
 Reed pencils.........$30.00

Brass  chalk holder based on medieval documentation. Holds 3/8 inch chalks, and is  about 4 1/2 inches long. Reproduction...$ 35.00

My brass reproduction of an earthenware medieval brush bath from original artwork. Masuring 6x5x about 1 inch deep on a slanted platform, it allows brushes to remain wet as needed,     $35.00

This is an Artists clip on water container to attach to a pallette and enable watercolor brushes to be cleaned, or just wet. Copied from an original undated piece, probably late 18 th or 19 th century.
Solid brass, holds about 1/4 cup, about 2 inches tall and 1 1/2 diameter. 

$ 45.00

Colonial era paper wrapped pencils, from verbal descriptions. 1/4 inch by 6 inches long graphite wrapped in either white or blue paper.
 Wrapped pencils.......$6.00

Elizabethan cord wrapped Wadd pencil.
 Called Wadd in the period, it's an early term for black. This style lead pencil was used worldwide until about the mid 1750s. The linen cord was wrapped around the graphite to keep your hands clean. It may be unwrapped and trimmed off as you use the penci. The pencil is 14 inch turned graphite and about 6 inches long. The cord is glued on with a water based glue.
Reproduction Wadd pencil.............$7.00

The plummet..reproduced from originals from the 9 th century through the 19th. It writes with a lead alloy that leaves a light grey line. Used to line paper , outline paintings or just do sketches.
it measures 6 inches long, about 3/16 inches in diameter with a lead that is 5 inches long by 1/8 inch in diameter.
reproduction plummet.......$35.00
used by Michaelangelo,Drurer and many others

Powdered ink.each 1/2 teaspoon makes about 3 ounces if ink. Each package will make about 9 ounces of ink.      $6.00

Our latest penner, or traveling inkwell is a bit different in that it was meant to be used with water soluble powdered ink. The cone shaped inkwell has natural sponges in it to hold some ink. The long shaft ..closed at the bottom acts as a stopper and also holds the 5 1/2 inch quill. It threads into the well, and the cap threads on the shaft..
 it was made to be emptied after use and refilled as needed. The style was popular mid to late 18 th century and on into the early 19 th.. copied from many examples in brass, silver,ceramic.
About 8 1/2 tall by 11/2 at the base, comes with a goose quill or a reed pen.
reproduction penner.........$ 115.00
Also shown are sealing wafers.. soaked in water for a few moments till soft, they were an inexpensive alternative to sealing wax...half the price in 1777. They were pressed down on the paper and glued it shut. Popular from about 1635 till gummed envelopes came along about 1840. 

  Pack of 12, about 3/4 inch wafers.........$9.00

A mid 18th century bougie, or taper box. These replaced the open jack stands, and were used to provide a pure beeswax flame in order to use sealing wax without the soot from a tallow candle ruining the seal.
 The wax was made with turpentine to remain flexible, and burns about an inch an hour. Most businesses or company scribes needing to mail a few letters daily would use one. They remained popular to about 1830 or so. The picture is of my prototype, lightly antiqued and made from some recycled metal I had handy. Bougie is French for candle, this was not intended as a lighting device
 reproduction bougie box, brass, beeswax...............$135.00
3 inches in diameter and 4 1/4 tall...height varies from 1 1/2 tall to this size.

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A Georgian wax melting pan because we all know how poorly that soot looks in our sealing wax. Copied from a somewhat larger pan with a cast brass handle, my version is made from sheet stock and measures about 7 1/2 long with a pan about 3 1/4 at the rim and almost 1/2 deep  What every writing desk needs.......$65.00

Pen Knife (above)
I'm proud to offer this reproduction pen knife. It measures 1/2 by 4 inches with a 1 3/4 inch blade. It is a piece of art - meticulously handcrafted and very, very sharp.
Pen Knife: $205.00

Brass Weskit Inkwell

Weskit Inkwell (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel. Historic reproduction.
This inkwell was copied from an 18th century piece. It is oval in shape, which makes it easy to carry in a weskit pocket, or ladies' pocket. The friction-fit lid lid removes to reveal two small quills (included), and a corked glass bottle for ink. Always remember to replace the cork tightly, and to store the quills POINT UP to avoid damaging the tips. This inkwell comes with two quills as well as a built-in glass bottle for ink. Dated: 18th century. Origin: English. Materials: copper or brass, glass. Dimensions: 3/4" x 1 1/2" oval by 4 3/4" tall.
Weskit Inkwell, Brass: $125.00
Weskit Inkwell, Copper: $125.00
Small Porte-Crayon to fit Weskit Inkwell: $25.00
Replacement Small Quill: $3.00

Traveling Inkwell, Shown in Copper

Traveling Inkwell (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel. Historic reproduction.
This is a copy of an original 18th century piece. It is just like the "Weskit Inkwell", above, but is round rather than oval. This gives it a wider base, so it stands on a surface better. Remember to replace the cork tightly, and to store quills POINTS UP! Available in brass or copper, with two quills included. Dated: 18th century. Origin: English. Materials: brass, tin or copper, glass. Dimensions: 3/8" x 4 3/4" tall.
Traveling Inkwell, Brass: $115.00
Traveling Inkwell, Copper: $115.00
Small Porte-Crayon to fit Traveling Inkwell: $22.00
Replacement Small Quill: $3.00

Porte  Crayons

Porte-Crayon (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel. Historic reproduction.
We know these as mechanical pencils - they are simply holders for leads. They are great for sketching or writing in the field when you don't want to mess with ink & quills. Leads can be inserted into both ends. A ring slides down to tighten the metal around the leads. Two period-correct leads are included, extras are sold below. We offer the porte-crayon in three sizes. The smallest fits the Weskit and Traveling Inkwells and holds one lead.
Dated: ca. 1750. Origin: French/English. Materials: brass.
Dimensions: Regular: 5" long. Artist's: 10 1/2" long. Small: 3 1/2" long.
Porte-Crayon, Regular: $30.00
Porte-Crayon, Artist's: $30.00
Porte-Crayon, Small: $30.00
these take a 3/16 inch lead


Leads (above)
Historic reproduction.
Made using a centuries old "recipe", these leads fit all our porte-crayons. They are harder than a no. 2 pencil lead, and they last a LONG time! Black. Dated: 1400 to present. Origin: all. Dimension: 3" long.
Leads: $2.00 each

17th Century Inkwell in Brass and Copper

Ca. 1600 Portable Inkwell (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel. Historic reproduction.
Taken from an original in a private collection, this inkwell features a glass ink bottle with cork and a seperate cylinder to store two quills.
Ca. 1600 Portable Inkwell, Copper , or brass....$125.00

Surveyor's Inkwell (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel.
Recreated from a verbal description of an 18th century original. It hangs from a coat button. Includes glass ink bottle with cork.
Surveyor's Inkwell, Copper or brass $58.00

Pocket Sander, shown in Brass and Copper

Portable Sander (above, in copper and brass)
Handmade by Peter Goebel. Historically inspired.
Not a reproduction, but a really handy piece. Shaped like our weskit inkwell, this is a great accessory. Made in copper or brass.
Portable Sander, Copper or brass...$68.00

Document Case

Document Case (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel. Historical reproduction.
Carry large papers without wrinkling them! Measures 2" by 12". Brass, with friction-fit cap .
Document Case:  $100.00


American-Pattern Sander (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel. Historic reproduction.
This sander is copied from an 18th century original. Used to hold pounce (sold seperately, below). The top of the sander is dished with perforations in it. The pounce is placed in the dish and gently shaken so that it falls into the can. To use, simply turn upside down and sprinkle the pounce onto wet ink. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best! Dimensions: 1 3/4" dia. X 2 5/8" tall. 
American-Pattern Sander, Copper or brass..$72.00


Pounce (above)
Pounce was sprinkled on writing to dry ink.
One bag contains 1/3 cup of pounce. Sold per bag.

Pounce: $7.50

Ivory Notebook

Faux ivory Notebook (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel.
Brass covers with faux ivory pages, similar to Thomas Jefferson's with the addition of the pencil. Pages measure about 5/8 inch by 4 inches, and there are four pages. Overall size is about 1 by 4 and 1/2 inches. The pencil takes a 1/8 inch lead [included]. The pencil holds the notebook closed in your pocket.
 Notebook: $150.00
Extra Leads: $2.00 each
Extra Pencil: $16.00
Break a page? Have a new  page inserted for $39.00

Ivory Notebook with Bail

Ivory Notebook with Hanging Loop (above)
We offer ivory notebooks (the same product as above) made with a swiveling brass loop on the top so it can be hung. 
Ivory Notebook with Hanging Loop: $160.00

Miniature Ivory Notebook (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel.
It'a a baby notebook! Sized for a lady's chatelaine, this miniature notebook comes with a hanging loop. It measures 2 1/4 long, and 1 1/8 wide. Brass and ivory.
Miniature Ivory Notebook: $150.00

Brass Desk Set

Brass Desk Set (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel.
A beautiful complete desk set included a sander, an inkwell, and a central candle holder. Brass.
As seen in
Pirates of the Carribean 4, On Stranger Tides!
Brass Desk Set: $360.00

Horn Book (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel.
Shaped wooden back with mica sheet over the alphabet and vowels. The image above is of our old version; now, the mica sheet is bound with latten strips and clinch nailed. Dimensions: 4 1/4" by 10 1/2". Materials: various woods as available, mica, paper, brass.
Horn Book: $85.00

Pencil Nail

Pencil Nail (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel. Historic reproduction. 
These pencils were usually found in journals and notebooks with loops for holding them. Made of brass, it measures 6 inches long with a 3/16 inch lead.
Pencil Nail: $15.00

Brass Capstain Inkwell (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel. Historically inspired.
Measures 2 7/8 inches in diameter at the base, about 2 inches tall to the top of the cork. This inkwell would have been filled with sand or small lead shot to clean the pen nibs and prevent them from curling. Not a reproduction, as it is copied from a pewter original, but it looks so GOOD in brass!

Brass Capstain Inkwell: $80.00

Quills (above)
12-inch-long quills with various feather ends. You can strip the end as you like it.
Quills: $6.00 each

13th - 14th C. Century Paperclip (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel. Historic reproduction.
OK, this is not an American item (it's Anglo-Saxon), but when I saw the archaeology on it I just had to make it ... who knew? This piece measures about 2 1/4 inches long, and the pads about 5/8 inch square. Brass.
13th - 14th C. Paperclip: $33.00

1709 Paperclip (above)
Handmade by Peter Goebel.
A little fancier than our Anglo-Saxon paperclip, this one hails from early 18th century France. Reproduced from the Construction and Principal uses of Mathematical Instruments, published in France in 1709.
1709 Paperclip: $39.00

Chatelaine Pencil

Chatelaine Pencil (above)
Handmade in the USA by Peter Goebel. Historically inspired.
Our smallest pencil. This tiny mechanical pencil is adapted from originals that hung from chatelaines. It has a closed brass loop on the end to hang it by.
Brass, measures 2.5 inches long. Comes with a 1/8 inch lead
Chatelaine Pencil - $25.00

Small Notebook (above)
Handmade in the USA by De Lea Sayers of The Colonial Printer and Bookbindery. Historic reproduction.
Beautifully 100% handmade, these blank notebooks have 28 heavy, laid pages, ready for your imagination. The marbled covers are nicely detailed in accurate colors. They measure 4" x 5", perfect for stuffing into a kit, a pocket, or a traveling desk. 
Our Small Notebooks come in assorted colors and marbled patterns - we'll pick one for you.
Small Notebook: $10.00 each

Soapstone Pencils (above)
While not technically a writing instrument, soapstone was used as a marking medium for tailors, leather workers and metal workers as early as the 17th century
Ours is a 1/4 stick of soapstone encased in a 4 1/2 inch long brass sleeve.
Soapstone Pencil: $20.00
Extra Sticks: $1.00

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