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GOOSE BAY WORKSHOPS: Fine Museum Reproduction Tin, Brass and Copper Cookware, Hearth Cooking, 18th Century Lighting, and Folk Art.
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Goose Bay Workshops LLC

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For nearly 30 years, Goose Bay Workshops has offered top-quality historic reproductions to history enthusiasts and professionals. We are proud to continue that tradition by now offering our tin items in new hot-dipped tin, a more authentic and longer-lasting material!

Teeototem (above)
Play "Put & Take" with our new handmade Teeototem - now available on the Gaming & Toys page.

Our Gil cup has a new baby brother. Find our Jack cup (above, pictured with a Gil) on our Cups & Canteens page.

Our new 1468 Canteen (above) is copied from a print held in the National Museum of Germany. See our copy - and find a link to the original - on our Cups & Canteens page.

Our Basic Tins (above) are handmade from our favorite hot-dipped tin. Sturdy, affordable and useful, these are great for packing small sewing or fishing kits in. Find them on our Boxes, Barrels & Containers page.

Our cherry wood and tin Pocket Grater (above) is new on our Cooking & Baking Utensils page.

Unguentum Basilicon (above) is the best thing we've ever found for chapped skin. We offer it in a reuseable, handmade tin. Find it on our Medical Items page.

Jubal's Cup (above) is what we have in our cupboard! Find it on our Cups & Canteens page.

Goose Bay Workshops LLC

Goose Bay Workshops LLC   ~  (302) 337 - 8285


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